Are You Compromising on Luxury?

//Are You Compromising on Luxury?

Are You Compromising on Luxury?


When thinking about luxury, what comes to mind? Wearing coveted fashion lines, the best of the best living accommodations, driving the most expensive vehicles? Luxury, in terms of luxury travel, is something that is easily thrown around. How do you know you are getting the best in luxury travel.


We believe true luxury starts with an absolute quest to achieve something unique. You have to think in terms of curating an experience for your clients that deliver sheer opulence and sophistication. Many companies who cater to the luxury market, lack the experience and knowledge needed to comprehend this coveted sector fully. Servicing the “one-percent” and understanding their needs is paramount to being successful within this business.

When a client chooses to fly private, they are choosing a better way to fly. Everything is an extravagance, and their private aircraft travel is no exception. How do you know you are getting the best in luxury travel? We live in the details because our clients expect three things: Exclusivity, Security, and most importantly, …Luxury.

Exclusivity: Offer what nobody Else is Offering

When money is of no object, our clients are looking for traveling options that go beyond general carriers and commercial airlines. Choosing how you fly is one of the main advantages of flying private. The goal is to stay relevant and make significant investments to maintain our elite status among our high-net-worth individuals. That means securing the latest models of planes, amenities, and top of the line concierge services. Clients who fly private are privy to heated stone Pacific floors, walk-in baggage compartments, expansive conference and dining rooms, walk-in showers and master suites that remind them of home.

Flexibility: You’re Busy; We’re flexible

The super-rich and top-level C-suite executives are rarely duplicating their journeys – instead, targeting a variety of destinations (many to less traditional locales). They want to fly to the most private airports in the most remote locations; like St. Barts, Cannes, Lake Como, London, Los Cabos and the Maldives. As an on-demand charter service, our clients pay for exactly what they want – easy, personalized travel. The flexibility of being ‘on demand’ demonstrates our ability to provide impeccable travel services wherever they may be, globally. We get it, the clientele we work with are busy, and their time is precious.  Our clients can bypass flight restrictions, time delays, designated shuttle routes and expensive memberships to truly fly to their specifications and comforts. Our schedule is your schedule.

Luxury: It’s all in the details

Getting to know our clients’ tastes and preferences and engineering situations that will surpass their expectations separate us from others in the luxury travel market. Having a particular menu item, eliminating time-consuming check-ins, securing private carriers that have the latest technology, so our flyers can complete their business are needs. Luxurians no longer want souvenirs. The elite traveler now thirsts for access over acquisition, and experiences over owning stuff. Our focus is to deliver seamless and personal service offerings that help our clients to plan, and then enjoy, authentic, quality flying experiences that will be long remembered. Doing one thing well, having a depth of expertise, and the core of our brand.

Are you ready to take flight? If you want a detailed breakdown of the benefits of flying private, read this blog post.

Choose the way you fly; it is always better to fly private. For a quick quote call our 24-hour operations 1-855-538-5893 or let’s connect by email With a selection of over 6000 flight options, we have the perfect private aircraft to suit your needs.