10 Luxury Beach/ Island Resorts to Check Out This Fall

//10 Luxury Beach/ Island Resorts to Check Out This Fall

10 Luxury Beach/ Island Resorts to Check Out This Fall

There are vacations, and then there are experiences that stay with you for the rest of your life. How you choose to spend your vacation is up to you, but there is something about sun bathing on a soft sand reclusive beach sipping on delicious cocktails, or some champs. This is time off well spent. Flying privately allows you to travel to remote places around the world where traditional commercial travel isn’t available.

We’ve done the research and found some to the most coveted, most luxurious, most exclusive vacations around the world.

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Laucala Island Resort, Fiji

Laucala-Mountain-top-villa-pool1-927x426 (1)
Image Credit: Figi Vacation

First off we have the beautiful and ultra exclusive island of Laucala Island Resort. Laucala is the ultimate South Pacific private island hideaway. Imagine this, white sugary beaches, dazzling turquoise lagoons, rich green mountains, scenic panoramas, swaying palm trees, and continually smiling people, Laucala will call out to your soul. Situated on 3,200 unspoiled acres, Laucala Island is made up of 25 unique Fijian villas, with a choice of overwater or beachfront, as well as hilltop residences carved into the volcanic cliffs.

Rate: $6,087/nt.

COMO Cocoa Island, Maldives

Image Credit: The Travel Specialists

Hop on over to Cocoa Island the intimate private Maldives island resort with 33 overwater suites. This beautiful island allows you to slip right into the turquoise lagoon and explore an exceptional house reef. Encircled with powder white sand, the amazing scenery lulls you into relaxation mode with quiet, elegant overwater villas that have all the comforts customary of a five-star property. This luxury resort boasts soothing, all-white interiors, and teak floors. Spend your days scuba-diving, seeing the Technicolor coral, or sink into the laid-back luxury of the Como Shambhala spa.

Rate: $1k/nt.

Isla de sa Ferradura, Spain


This island jewel located in the heart of the Mediterranean, Isla de sa Ferradura is a private island just off Ibiza that is outfitted with only the very best luxury accommodations for that ultimate tropical vacation. A massive 130,000 sq ft hacienda with some gorgeous lounges, a home cinema, and even its Bodega is the scene for a memorable experience for up to 14 people. Best of all is the way the architecture of the house harmonizes with the nature of the island. Artificial caverns with luxury facilities such as a whirlpool, a solarium, vitamin bar, and full spa facilities, the complete picture of an exclusive, totally private resort for you and your friends.

Rate: $196k /week

Musha Cay Island at the Copperfield Bay, Bahamas

Image Credit: Luxury Retreats

Located in the Exuma Islands, Musha Cay at Copperfield Bay has five luxurious homes you can choose from, on the 10,000 sq. Ft. foot Manor House called Highview, the secluded beach houses (Pier House, Blue Point, Beach House), or the 5-bedroom beachside villa (Palm Terrace), with a total occupancy of 24. With a staff of over 30 people, including a world-class chef, and The Landings offering rooms for board meetings, if business dealings on your mind, Musha Cay is a great choice for high-level business conferences, Board of Director meetings, or other similar executive planning sessions. But fun can be had as well at this magical getaway, encompassing 11 islands and 40 beaches. Enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, tennis courts, jogging paths, and even karaoke.

Rate: $39,000 a night for up to 12 people with a 5-night minimum. The max capacity is 24 ppl. but each additional person is an extra $1,500 a night.

Fregate Island Resort, Seychelles

Fregate-Island-by-Oetker-Collection-in-the-Seychelles-Banyan-Tree-EstateFregate Island

” data-medium-file=”https://jetluxblog.files.wordpress.com/2017/08/fregate-island-by-oetker-collection-in-the-seychelles-banyan-tree-estate.jpg?w=1086?w=300″ data-large-file=”https://jetluxblog.files.wordpress.com/2017/08/fregate-island-by-oetker-collection-in-the-seychelles-banyan-tree-estate.jpg?w=1086?w=919″ />

Image Credit: CPP Luxury

Nestled amongst tropical vegetation on the shoreline on the private island in the Seychelles, Fregate Island is a coveted private island accessible only by sea or by air – a 15-minute helicopter flight, to be exact. This resort boasts seven beaches, unique island dining experiences. This luxury island offers absolute privacy, and every aspect of this landscape is a perfect paradise. These residences perched on the side of a cliff, looking out onto the Seychelles horizon, cast a veil of exclusivity over this establishment often frequented by a host of celebrity clients.

Rate: approx. $5495/nt. and include food and activities

Soori Bali, Indonesia

Image Credit: http://www.sooribali.com

Soori Bali is a hidden refuge focusing on rejuvenation and peaceful refuge; it is Bali as it should be. Located on Bali’s south-western coast, Soori Bali is nestled within the picturesque Tabanan Regency, where volcanic mountains loom above verdant rice terraces and striking black-sand beaches. Designed, owned and operated by renowned architect Soo K. Chan, this resort prioritizes environmental and cultural sustainability – a “good for you” type of experience. Relax in a multitude of spaces, from the landscaped gardens to the private pools and outdoor pavilions with Jacuzzis. Enjoy the royal treatment with oversized bathtubs, grand shower rooms, and designer furniture and the resort’s bespoke design.

Rate: $6,500 /nt.

Orpheus Island: Australia

Orpheus IslandOrpheus Island

” data-medium-file=”https://jetluxblog.files.wordpress.com/2017/08/681489e86146abd76ff0911b59ba0d52.jpg?w=1086?w=300″ data-large-file=”https://jetluxblog.files.wordpress.com/2017/08/681489e86146abd76ff0911b59ba0d52.jpg?w=1086?w=1023″ />

Image Credit: Escape

Orpheus is a five-star luxury Queensland Island Resort offering the most intimate and exclusive reef experiences while providing a large variety of adventurous activities. This idyllic island is an authentic getaway experiences that have awe-inspiring, beautiful landscapes such as the Great Barrier Reef which allows you to reconnect in a peaceful atmosphere with the ones you love. Orpheus showcases a plethora of once-in-a-lifetime experiences on the area’s most pristine reef. Explore the magic of the Great Barrier Reef on a personalized snorkeling or diving tours and come face to face with an enchanting underwater world which takes your breath away.

Rate: $1,383 – $2,358/nt.

La Dolce Vita Villa at Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos

Image Credit: Provaltur International Inc.

This crown gem of the Grace Bay Resorts’ Private Villa Collection, the opulent La Dolce Vita villa sits on the shores of Providenciales’ Long Bay Beach with nine bedrooms and an expansive living space totaling more than 12,300 square feet. This resort is consistently ranked among the best beaches in the world for its sugar-soft sand and transparent turquoise water The villa, valued at more than $25 million, features striking modern design both indoors and out. Situated on just over 4 acres with more than 300 feet of beachfront, guests of La Dolce Vita enjoy an elevated level of service and an exclusive set of ultra-luxury amenities.

Rate: $3,500/nt.

The Villa at Grace Santorini, Greece


The most exquisite new accommodation at the recently renovated Grace Santorini resort, this private two-bedroom sanctuary has its spa with a hammam steam bath, a heated plunge pool, and a private spa room where therapists can treat guests to the full range of treatments offered in the resort’s main spa. Complete with king-size beds and private bathrooms, guests receive personalized bathrobes and a view to die for. Look forward to panoramic views of Santorini’s azure blue skies, sparkling ocean and of course the legendary Santorini sunset from the villa’s double-level pool deck. The Villa also features a pre-stocked kitchen, a wine cellar, and the services of a private chef, a personal trainer, and a chauffeur can offer (available upon request.)

Rate: $3,083/nt.

Pure Turquoise at Jumby Bay, Antigua

Pure Turquoise at Jumby Bay, AntiguaPure Turquoise at Jumby Bay, Antigua

” data-medium-file=”https://jetluxblog.files.wordpress.com/2017/08/antigua-villa-pure-turquoise-jumby-bay-2017-header.jpg?w=1086?w=300″ data-large-file=”https://jetluxblog.files.wordpress.com/2017/08/antigua-villa-pure-turquoise-jumby-bay-2017-header.jpg?w=1086?w=1024″ />

Image Credit: http://www.isleblue.co

Where Caribbean bliss and comfortable, modern sensibility converge at the beachfront estate of the Pure Turquoise located on the island of Antigua. This tranquil retreat features a contemporary colonial architectural style, and a village-style arrangement provides privacy and a central social space in equal measure. Nestled amongst lush tropical gardens, each building was thoughtfully aligned and elevated to maximize all-encompassing views of the island. With some villa options at your disposal, they have every make and style to match your laid-back needs.

Rate: $12,400/night

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